We aim to inspire our next generation of girls by acknowledging women who are great role models and conduct themselves in the right way.

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Our Beginning

The 'Inspiration Awards' for women was founded over a decade ago by a man who felt that women were portrayed badly in the press. Badly means that women were depicted as dependent on men and only interested in doing things like fickle things like shopping and reality TV. It was felt that are next generation of girls needed to see that there are women out there who are scientists, doctors, philanthropists, business owners etc etc. And that there are many women with inspirational stories of how they fought back against adversity and became successful. When young girls go into stores and only see one type of women on the front of certain magazines they believe that this is the way to achieve a feeling of success, status and achievement, the 'Inspiration Awards' aims to inspire our next generation of girls by showing them an alternative pathway to success and self-fulfilment.


“If Martians landed on earth and read some of the popular magazines, they would think all women do is shop and worry about the way they look .”

— Sky Andrew, FOUNDER


It is really important that our next generation see a balanced view of women, it is equally important that some of the amazing women out there are put on the front of popular magazines. To capture the imagination of our next generation they need to see and hear the journeys of women doing substantial things in society. We have acknowledged 100's of inspirational women and hope that some girls will choose their pathway: inventors, scientists, business owners, politicians etc etc.


Our Mission

We will continue to acknowledge women all over the world who will hopefully inspire our next generation of girls. Our mission is to take this wonderful event to as many countries as possible. It is truly inspirational bringing women from all walks of life to an evening of inspiration and celebration. We are bringing the event to New York and look forward to taking this inspirational night to cities around the world.

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Get Involved

If you would like to be involved in this initiative and event please contact us and help promote positive images of women: info@inspirationawards.co.uk