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Wendy’s career has been spent helping adults with special needs find and settle in employment but in recent years this has evolved further. Currently, her focus is on providing individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to give them some degree of independence and form social relationships via the charity Social Link. This is more than a job for Wendy, as she is available 24/7 and has even taken it upon herself to provide wake-up calls each day for one of charity members, whilst also being a chauffeur, agony aunt and problem solver for so many others.

Social Link was formed by Wendy and has grown significantly over the past few years to support nearly 130 adults with special needs in the South Bucks area. Her approach when meeting new people focuses on what they can do and what their future potential can be - she sees the value in everybody. Each member is treated with respect and given the opportunity to contribute ideas on how the day project and evening clubs are run, from designing the logo to planning the weekly activity schedule! Wendy would like the charity to increase its scope and offer more services specifically for member’s families as often they’re in need of support too.

Wendy has an eight-year-old daughter, Grace, who is a familiar face within the charity. Grace is the light of Wendy’s life, so when Wendy must go away on residential trips with the charity, she has been known to leave post-it notes around their home as a reminder to Grace of how much she is loved.

I feel that Wendy would be a very deserving award winner and this would undoubtedly communicate to her how much we all value her as a colleague, advocate, friend and an inspiration.