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Waynett Peters was a Business Analyst for IT Systems had several businesses and lost it all, became HOMELES; after been RAPED as a child of 9 years of age and as a young adult who suffered severe physical domestic abuse.

Waynett embarked in volunteering tasks in a journey to re-find her PURPOSE in life. She sat on the streets and London canals talking to the alcoholics, drug addicts, mentally challenged and those less privileged as she realised that she could have been one of them.

They helped each other; whilst she MENTORED them on the power of a positive mind and gave them confidence COACHING; they gave her a boost to start again. Lady Waynett from casual earnings opened up a new business and her new friends helped to pick up furniture and items from things they picked up from the streets; they assisted her to market her business.

NON-FUNDED Lady Waynett holds FREE workshops to help those in the community; the YOUTH on the streets onto transferable skills, adults on crossroads for self-empowerment SKILLS, the mentally challenged & substance abusers on confidence BUILDING and those seeking business or career change mentorship and coaching, she records a TV Talk Show The Extraordinary Achievers, a programme that encourages & inspires others on overcoming adversity or challenges. Lady Waynett reaches out to a personal wider audience by being an Empowerment, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker by sharing her stories and testimonies on how she has risen to walk purposefully and how she in turn has mentored & coached others that have risen to greatness or excelled beyond their imagination.

Lady Waynett also founded & runs NON-FUNDED major programmes in conjunction with the Police (Reclaiming Back our Children from the Streets) and in conjunction with private & public organisations (TEF – The Elders Friend).