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Viola has been a migrant many times in her life, moving to Lebanon with her family from Iraq, aged 5, after her father’s death and then, aged 13, to Venezuela, escaping the Lebanese war.

In 2002, aged 43, love inspired her move to Cyprus to begin a new life with Michael with whom she is happily married. Since our disrupted childhood in Lebanon, I have constantly felt my sister’s loving support and witnessed her collaborative intelligence as she uses her relational qualities to support others to expand. My motivation, making this nomination, is to bring her recognition and acknowledgment for the clarity and guidance that has enabled so many people to transform their lives. Viola has recently created Feminine Capital Waves, consisting of two elements.

The first is a personal development programme, for women to re-discover themselves, their rhythm and power balancing the light and shadow of their feminine and masculine energies bringing equilibrium to their families, colleagues and communities. The second is an international forum, presenting distinguished speakers and panelists, talking on their experiences in life, encouraging and empowering women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity, helping them to break free from conditioned behaviors and create a more sustainable society.  Inspirational awards are also given to outstanding citizens. This forum migrates to different cities around the world.

International speaker and author, Viola has published two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed?” 2017. She specialises in relationship coaching, business clarity and colour-image consultancy.

Viola has worked with thousands of people, using her practical methods to help them unlock the infinite possibilities hidden in each of them and find the courage to start their own journey to achieve their full potential.