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I'm nominating Rachel, the founder of Koru Kids (www.korukids.co.uk). Rachel quit a safe and very successful career – she was CEO of a £20m revenue business -- to found her own startup.

She had recently become a mum, and discovered how difficult it was to organise childcare as a working parent. In response, she founded Koru Kids to work on solving that problem for everyone. Rachel's concept is to create a network of parents for nanny share, so that working parents can more easily access high quality, flexible childcare.

Nanny share means that one nanny looks after children from more than one family at once, which makes it much more affordable. The business took off immediately, with its launch covered in the Evening Standard and on ITV News. So far it has attracted £600,000 in funding from venture capitalists and the cofounder of Gumtree, Michael Pennington. I found Rachel and her idea so inspiring that I quit my own secure job and last year became Rachel's first employee! We are now a team of 6 and growing fast, with over 2500 London families already on board in the network. Every day people say to us, 'The concept is so simple and so needed, I can't believe someone didn't think of it before.'

Rachel is motivated by a desire to help other parents, especially women, balance their life and work and make their families thrive. As a businesswoman, a mother and a leader she's inspirational to me personally, and I think would be to other young women as well.