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Marilyn Hawes has gone the mile & beyond in her passion for preventing grooming in csa, cse due to the fact,her own children were sexually abused by her former boss! Marilyn Hawes has made several sacrifices over the years, has totally given unconditional time, effort, energy at the cost of her own life, yet continued in the cause regardless! She has never received full recognition in the years since co-founding, this is so vital in her role of preventing grooming, making csa, cse aware across the whole board. Marilyn has also founded a lot of the organisation out of her own pocket, saying her passion for this cause far out ways the sacrifices knowing the chance of any child being saved from csa, cse. I was introduced to Marilyn in November 2015,after my own 2 children were sexually abused in July of 2015, I had been invited to an event that Marilyn was speaking at!

I'm also a sosa thriver, who had had an horrific childhood myself. Now my own children were on that journey, we were totally in a dilemma at that stage! Then along came Marilyn, who totally inspired me, totally got me as a thriver, who being a mother felt my pain! We haven't left each others side to this day, I'm now a volunteer for Empowerment is what keeps me doing for the cause! To allow Marilyn win this award would be totally so well deserved for a truly remarkable woman who truly inspires so many to make awareness of grooming, the affects, csa, cse how to move forward.