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I suffer from autoimmune and chronic illness: Hashimotos.. ME.. CFS.. fibromyalgia and OCD.... I decided to spread awareness for OCD by appearing in the channel 4 TV shows obsessive compulsive cleaners in 2015 and obsessive compulsive country house cleaners in 2016 the shows were a big success with me gaining over 550,000 you tube views on one video alone... I also managed to get press in countries all over the world including the times of India.. Kompas Indonesia... capital bay Australia... the sun... daily mail even in china newspapers telling my story to help others... I also appeared on German TV show TAFF TV and BBC news... I'm from a little village so my new found fame didn't go down well at all in fact local haters made my life a living hell.

I'd already vein in the press because I've won national and international beauty pageants so I'd alwYs had jealousy but after the prime time shows it when to another level I got so much abuse online from villages and in the street ... they'd make fun of my OCD or even threaten me ... it was so hard as I was getting so much support from people all around the world and gain a very large fan base on social media but at home I was being abused daily by local people some of whom I thought were friends as u e lived in the village all my life so know everyone.... but I decided to again spread awareness in the press about bullying and cyber bullying I visited local schools and did talks and also did a US bullying talk... I also became an Ambassador for

I am also the UK face of and Ambassador for the Dream foundation of Uganda which is an African children's charity which I donate for and send sweets ..... I am also an activist for invisible illnesses as I suffer from them I wanted to spread awareness I also run an online support group for people who suffer from chronic/ invisible illness of any kind which has thousands of members... I was also the victim of very serious domestic violence with an ex boyfriend which resulted in my nose being broken in 3 places... so I tell my story to women in shelters and units because I know how hard it is to get out of that cycle and I wanted them to know that you can achieve your dreams and get away and move on.

I have also done so much for my community which had a lot of serious anti social behaviour which myself and other residents were suffering in a daily basis by one family we had everything from cars damaged windows put out properties damaged even assaulted and constant abuse and threatened so I decided to organise my own recorded meetings down the community centre for myself and all the victims to attend so we could tell our story on tape after we were let down by beat officers ... I have improved my street 90%... out of my own money I have put up fencing painted fencing cut lawns report flytipping... organise litter pick with the kids educate them on using litter bins and to look after where they live... I even had litter bins installed gates put up flytipping removed.

I am also a model for models of diversity which is a worldwide agency for models with physical or invisible illnesses I help spread equality in the model industry... in between everything else I do local charity stuff like for red nose day ... sport relief .. visiting neonatal baby units to give back as I was born very early weighing less than 2 pounds ... I also do alit fir the Salvation Army I make regular donations and I am a big part of the begging for s tampon appeal which is so close to my heart too as no woman/ girl should ever have the embarrassment of being without sanitary products... so I help lead the project for an appeal to have them free for all women ... j make regular donations to the food bank as women have been begging for them as they cannot afford them I also give them to the homeless females and spread awareness ... even having support from neighbours cast members who have also started the same appeal in Australia....I am a very strong minded woman that won't be shut up or ignored I will fight for what I believe in and u will always turn all the things I've been through into a positive to help others that maybe going through the same thing or I can be the voice for those who havnt found theirs yet..... I truly believe that I am a really good role model for all females young and older.... my story shows that no matter what or who tries to put you down that you can always make a difference to your own life and others around you.

Wwhether it's illness bullying asb or domestic violence I have always continued with my dream and I will continue to do so hopefully inspiring so many along the way I recently won an international ' visibility' award which was published in the huffpost it's for inspiring people who suffer from invisible illness that go on to help others .... I won a BCA British citizen award too ... but this award would mean the world to me as it is all about us women and that means so much as domestic violence is mainly suffered by women / girls and mostly is bullying especially word wise so hopefully my stories will inspire so many females and that means so much as no female should have to go through it... Thank You... here is a link to my Facebook account: