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Dr Pedersen is an award wining international speaker and highly respected Doctor of Chiropractor not just by her international group of patients in and around Europe, but also by fellow chiropractors and professionals around the world.

Dr. Pedersen’s works for the women’s health, for her empowerment and for her rights to make autonomous decisions particularly during the period of pregnancy and birth. She has particular interest in the effect of birth trauma and early childhood events to the health, development and wellness of our future adults. Dr. Pedersen is an innovative thinker that believes positive change can be achieved by connecting people and by facilitating communication across generations, race, status, language, religion and gender.

She is the initiator and elected president of the non-profit and non-governmental organization Birth Forward in Cyprus. Under her leadership the NGO is making life-changing steps in regards to bridging health professional and parents together for better communication in the pri-, peri – and post natal period and parenthood in Cyprus. Due to the NGOs efforts the Ministry of Health in Cyprus has promised a strategy for birth in a country that has a complex birthing culture and the highest Caesarean Rates in the world at 56.9%.

Dr Pedersen is borne in Norway, has two successful chiropractic clinics in UK and two wonderful and healthy boys with her loving and supportive Cypriot husband. Her key to happiness and success is to be a committed and true to everyone you meet. Listen, learn and discuss you skills and abilities with people that can guide you to become a greater person.