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Claire should be nominated for this award as she is a real inspiration to so many of her friends and family.

Claire has a rare blood condition called Dyserythropoietic anemia type 2. Only her and her brother are known to have this condition in the whole of the UK, and in her 29 years she has only just found two others on the other side of the world that share the same condition. They are now supporting each other through their fortnightly blood transfusions and looking for others in common. As well as the transfusions, Claire has to inject a machine every night to remove the excess iron from her blood. If the iron built up, this could cause organ failure, her joints are stiff because of low bone density caused by the medication to control the iron levels and her low blood count means exhaustion is common and even getting upstairs can be an issue.

This all affected her fertility, but desperately wanted to give her husband children, so through treatment they were blessed with not one but two sons, and came close to organ failure during pregnancy, having to have an emergency c-section at 34 weeks. Now she raises the most polite, intelligent and charming boys you will ever meet.

Her husband is a Corporal in the army, and is in regular tours lasting months at a time, leaving Claire to balance her condition, her job in the NHS, her twin boys and the household all by herself with the added emotional stress of being an army wife. She never asks for help from anyone. She has done and always will do her best and put her health last for her boys and deserves recognition for being so incredibly brave and inspiring to the women she knows.