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Seven years ago, Anna was in a wheelchair after during her third pregnancy, being told it may be a struggle to walk properly again, if ever. Her hopes and dreams as an actress were shattered, and the way she imagined herself parenting her three small children was in tatters. Anna decided to get some help with her mindset, and slowly turned her life around.

She became one of the UK's leading Voice Actors and Voiceover Artists, working with many top international brands, and narrating bestselling audiobooks, all from her own home. She's lead talks in Hollywood and London, and walked the red carpet as a multi award winning actor in New York, LA and London (and still made it back for 99% of the school pick ups). The passion and energy she gave her career, together with her new positive mindset, allowed her to recover fully and quickly. After coaching in the performing industry for several years, Anna decided to train further in mindset matters, and became a Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner and Meditation Teacher.

Anna recently launched new self-development business Inspiring Mummy Club, so that she can use her story, knowledge and personal experience to inspire and motivate other mums to have the courage to go after their dreams. If Anna can go from the dark, scary place of a possible wheel-chair bound existence to strutting the red carpets internationally, then so can anyone else. They just need the confidence and self-belief, and Anna is committed to helping them.  She’s already been a main speaker at the Mindful Living Show, and nominated for two inspirational awards in the UK, since her launch on April 24th. Anna's hugely proud of her achievements, but the awards and certificates don't have as much meaning to her as making other women come alive with all that they can achieve. Anna's children are inspired by her recovery and her phenomenal achievements.

It's clear in their attitudes about what they are capable of as they grow up, that the impact of their mum's success has been a positive one."