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She is an inspiration in her courage and in how she has turned her life around, using her negative experience to motivate other women to think of themselves and not accept abuse of any form.

Andrea is the author of White Sorrow. The book has touched the hearts of many women so far, resonating with them and giving them hope and courage.

The book is Andrea’s true story of survival, with full disclosure of her horrific abuse from her husband of five years, including starvation and living by his will every moment of every day. It tells of the mental torture, and state of slavery which she had to escape from the sake of her two children.

Since she wrote and self published the book, Andrea has worked tirelessly promoting it, speaking at events, meeting women and raising funds for charity through sales. The book is available in paperback on on amazon for kindle download. Sales are now in the thousands, and Andrea has started writing her second book, this time fiction.

She is a single mum, holds down a pressurised job and puts all her effort in helping women through her book. She has spoken at events in Dublin, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Australia, Germany, York…the list goes on. She has assisted a University in a study event, supported Family law days and Anti Abuse Conferences. She has also been named as a LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador.

She is now planning an event for survivors, to both celebrate and to put firmly on the map that woman around the country are saying No to Abuse of any form!

I have attached some photos of Andrea, information on her background and you can see everything that she has been up to on Her following on Facebook worldwide is growing everyday and I know she would love to add this award to her news!